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Do you have a Diversity or an Affirmative Action Recruitment need?

Women and Minorities will simplify your recruitment needs. Employers can advertise their job vacancies using our easy online posting form, or via e-mail or fax. Online job postings are effective immediately and remain posted for up to 60 days. Applicants can use the "apply online" feature to apply for job vacancies automatically.

Single Job Posting
Only need to post a few jobs? You can post a job for 60 days without becoming a full member.

Become a Member
The features for becoming a member include job postings at a reduced rate, auto mail, access to the resume bank, and employer profile with logo and hyperlink to your website.
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Job Fairs are one of our Target Recruitment strategies.
Be Where the Job Seekers Are
Internet recruiting and the economy are going through dramatic changes, impacting employers, job seekers and providers. One key element in recruiting success is putting your company and job postings where qualified candidates will see them.
Womenandminorities.com focuses on changes in the online recruiting industry and takes you to where the job seekers are. Online players have changed and leading the pack is our target recruitment website for protected classes (Minorities and women). We provide you strategies for targeting job postings to improve the quality of your applicant utilization pools, to diversify your departments.

If you want to learn how the fastest growing companies are attracting the best and brightest, be sure to sign up for membership and avail yourself of all the benefits that come with membership. Get tips from Equal Opportunity professionals in the business to discover how they are applying the latest and most advanced techniques to significantly improve their online recruiting results. And learn how womenandminorities.com Network can help you target the highest quality candidates.

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