Keywords entered in the edit box will be compared to the Job Title, Summary and Description fields, which are components of each job listing in the database. When typing keywords, please type them with spaces or commas as illustrated below. This job seeker has a bachelor's degree in marketing but enjoys the independence of sales. She has attempted to narrow her search to sales positions where her marketing degree and experience will be an asset.


Using one or more keywords will help you narrow your search to only the job listings you seek. For example, Selecting Legal in the drop-down menu, without using additional keywords, would return job listings for every ad where the word LEGAL appears. This could potentially return every attorney, paralegal and legal secretary listing in the database. In the illustration below, we see how an attorney narrowed her search by adding her unique areas of professional interest and experience.


To be returned in the search results, a job listing must match ALL the criteria you specify. In the example pictured below, only job listings containing the words COBOL AND mainframe would be returned.

If the search proves to be too narrow, the search engine will instruct you that (0) matches were found, and then provide a "sample" of jobs in the database. Assuming that the samples do not not meet your requirements, you should try broadening your search criteria. In this example, using the keywords COBOL AND mainframe proved to be too restrictive. This user, a COBOL programmer with experience in mainframe computer systems, has tried another search using just the word COBOL.


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