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Tips for Effective Resume Writing
The sole purpose of a resumé is to pique the interest of the employer and get the interview. An effective resumé will make your phone ring. If it is fair to worse, your shot at that dream job will be gone in :2 seconds flat.

Preparing For The Interview
To prepare for the interview, find a willing participant in you target industry to interview beforehand. You'll gain a unique perspective of what it is like to sit on the other side of the interviewer's desk.

Employment Negotiation
Negotiating your salary and benefits is not like haggling over a used car. When the deal is done, you have to work with your former adversary. How you handle the initial negotiations will impact how successful your tenure with a company will be.

Measuring Diversity Program Effectiveness
How do other employers conduct successful diversity intervention initiatives? The first step is to gather the facts. Affirmative action plans, EEO complaints and grievances, as well as turnover and absenteeism statistics can give you pieces of the total picture.

Affirmative Action History
Proponents will argue that affirmative action leads to the best employment policies for everyone, while others call it reverse discrimination. Employers must enact practices to determine that there is fairness in terms of diversity and fair labor practices in the

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